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Competition Definitions


Stroke: Count strokes and deduct handicap.


Par: Allow strokes on each hole according to handicap and compete against this amended par. Win + Loss - Half O


Ambrose: All hit off Tee - select best ball - pick up others - all hit from selected spot and continue to the hole. (Preferred lie on fairways, but must drop in rough).


Stableford: Allow strokes on each hold according to handicap and score as follows:

Bogey: 1 points

Par: 2 points

Birdie: 3 points

Eagle: 4 points


Canadian Foursomes: Both drive from Tee - choose the best ball and both hit alternately to the hole.


Pinehurst: Play in pairs - hit each other drives - choose the best ball - hit alternately.


Handicap Foursomes: Play in pairs - select who drive off odd tees - hit alternately to the hole.


Four Ball Better Ball: Play in pairs - both play the hole right out. Record the better score - can be stroke, par or stableford.


Mackenzie Foursomes: Play in pairs - both hit off. Hit own drive again - then select the best ball and hit alternately to the hole. 

Local Rules

Preferred Lie

One club length from where the ball lies not nearer to the hole on fairway being played.


Power Lines

If a ball strikes wire or poles on 4th/13th hole, the player must disregard that stroke, abandon the ball and play another ball as nearly as possible from the spot where the original ball was played.


Staked Trees

If tree interferes with stance or swing, ball must be dropped as per rule 24.2b.

Slow Play

First time warning, then a penalty will apply.


Out of Bounds

Car Park; Bowling Green; Clubhouse Veranda; all surrounding cement paths of clubhouse; also right of fence line on hole numbers 2, 7, 13.


Blue Posts

Indicate 150m

White Posts

Indicate 100m



Move briskly between shots.

Call up immediately for lost ball.

3 minute time limit for lost ball.

Keep up with players in front.


Move to next tee before filling in cards.

Carry sand buckets and fill in divots.


Port Lincoln Golf Members have extended member status for Thursday Competitions.

Coffin Bay Golf Members have extended member status for Port Lincoln Wednesday Competitions.


Players must ascertain correct handicaps, Rules and Conditions.



Coffin Bay Golf Club  Giles Road  Coffin Bay


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