Sunday 30th August

9 teams competed in a multiple stable ford. The winners were team Rom Kenny and Ian Beeby with 62 points. Runner up was Geoff Morgan/Bruce Greenshields with 56 with Dion Potts and Rick Kavanagh with 52. The NTP winner was Ann Middleton.

1st September

10 ladies competed in the Joan Morgan/Elaine Foster stroke round. Ann Middleton was the winner with a 94/70 while Jill Furnell was r/u with 113/74. Karen Burgin, Jude Cain  and Ann Middleton all tied with the least putts of 32. Robyn Pentacost had a chip in on the 2nd and 5th while Deidre Mann had one on the 5th.

Thursday 3rd September

19 men competed in a stableford. Bruce Greenshields was the winner with 37 points while Steve Nettle produced a 36 pt round to take out second and Phil Siviour 3rd with 34. The NTP winner were Kevin Reidy and John Kenny while Mike Bowyer was the lucky NAGA winner.

Sunday 6th September

This was the first round of the Club Championships as well as the monthly medal. Andrew Jenkins was the monthly medal winner as well as the first division winner with 81/71 Tim Branford who presented the monthly medal was the r/u on a c/b from Andrew Pietsch both with 72 points. Division 2 winner was Jude Cain with 95/74 while Jean Puckridge was r/u with 111/75. The NTP winners were Jude Cain, Ben McNamara, Andrew Pietsch and Mark Crettenden. Mark Cooper won the NAGA ball.

September 8th

6 teams competed in the Shylie Rymill Foursomes. Team Gina Kenny/A Middleton were the gross winners with 97 while team Jean Puckridge/Jill Furnell were the net winners with 75.5. Jean Puckridge won the NTP.

Thursday 10th September

19 players competed in a stableford. David Sims was the winner with 35 while Andrew Jenkins came r/u with 34 and Noel Siviour 3rd with 33. The NTP winners were Steve Nettle and Phil Siviour while Bronte Smith won the NAGA award.

Sunday 13th

This was the 2nd round of the Championships with 17 men competing and 3 ladies played a stroke. John Kenny won the 1st division with 84/73 while David Sims was r/u from Andrew Jenkins both with 74. Michael Green won the 2nd Division with a 96/72 while Geoff Morgan came 2nd with 96/75. The NTP winners were Karen Burgin, Noel Siviour, Michael Green and Andrew Pietsch. Ryan Lack was the NAGA winner.




15th September

12 ladies competed in the Patroness Trophy. The winner was Deidre Mann with a +3 who also won the 2nd shot on 5/14 hole. Karen Burgin was the NTP winner on 1/10 while Ann Middleton had 16 fairways.


Sunday 20th

27 men competed in the 3rd round of the club championships while 5 ladies played a stroke. First division was won by David Sims with 86/75 while Phil Siviour was second on a c/b from Graham Charlton and Rick Kavanagh with 77. Division 2 winner was Michael Green 102/71 while Jude Cain was r/u on a c/b from Ron Evans both with 73. Ben McNamara was the NAGA award.

Tuesday 22nd

9 ladies payed in the 2nd round of the General Store trophy. Jean Puckridge won on a c/b from Karen Burgin both on 33.  Deidre Mann and Gina Kenny were the NTP winners.

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